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About Rolwaling Trek

Curated Encounters

Rolwaling Trek has catered to alpinists and high altitude mountaineers for over four decades, but their speciality has been in crafting itineraries to non commercial routes and virgin areas. Whether you are a seasoned climber or simply looking to spend time in nature, Rolwaling offers custom-designed trips to suit your requirements.
The company gets its name from the time when the Founder of the organization anchored a research group from Kyoto University to study the Rolwaling Bedingna. The study was done to understand the impact on human settlements around the lake, if the lake were to overflow. During this trip, the expedition team realized how remote and underdeveloped this area was, yet it was pristinely beautiful. To pay homage to the place and the famous Rolwaling Gaurishanker mountain, the name Rolwaling took hold, along with the teams recruited from this area, who still continue to be part of the Rolwaling Trek Expedition team.

Our Speciality

We have extensive experience servicing clients who develop a passion to keep coming back to explore Nepal.

Personalized Attention

Legacy trips

Camps style trekking in the mountains

Life Long Relationships

Alternative experience for
elder travelers

A family in Rotary

Every family has its own Rotary traditions. Our’s began when my father took me to a polio event when I gave the drops as a young volunteer. Since then, we strive to find every opportunity to introduce our family to Rotary. And one of our family’s traditions is to take our daughters and grandsons to the Rotary.

Mr.Udaya brings Rotary principles to his work as the past president(2016-17) of his club (Rotary Club of Kathmandu West)— a career he considers “an extension of our Legacy”.

“The Four-Way Test” that my father taught me drove the core values of service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership. It’s about changing the world for the better. I am a firm believer that we all are put on this earth for a reason. Service to others is part of that reason.”- Udaya Gartaula (CEO).

Udaya Gartaula


Udaya Gartaula, who came back to Nepal to continue the legacy in managing and overseeing the family business. A graduate of St. Paul’s school Darjeeling, Udaya was the first Nepali to be honored with a Gold Medal by the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Before he embarked on his professional career he aspired to become a pilot, but eventually also ended up going to Japan to pursue his higher education and came back with a fluent understanding of the language and culture. Udaya has invested the last decade in not only learning the ropes of the business, but also in providing personalized services to each and every person who chooses to travel with Rolwaling Trek.

Our Major Achievements



Manaslu Summit by our Managing Director Udaya Gartaula


Amadablam Summit by our Managing Director Udaya Gartaula


Miura Everest Expedition (Guinness Book of Records for the oldest Japanese to summit Mt. Everest)


NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Dhaulagiri Expedition (Mr. Hirose Manabu)


– NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Everest Expedition (Mr. Hirose Manabu)


– Miura Everest Expedition (Mr. Miura once again successfully summited Mt Everest at the age of 75.)


– Kanagawa University Qomolongma (Mr. Chieko Hirata)


– AG Qomolongma Expedition (Mr. Kenji Kondo)
– Mt. Gorilla Qomolongma Expedition (Mr. Jun Yasumura)


– AG Qomolongma Expedition (Mr. Yoshitomi Okura)


– AG Qomolongma Expedition (Mr. Kenji Kondo) 3
– Shikoda Shishapangma Expedition (Mr. Kiyomitsu Shikoda)
– Miura Shishapangma Expedition (Mr. Yuichiro Miura)
– JAC Manaslu Expedition (Mr. Yoshitomi Okura)
– JAC Tokai Lhotse Expedition (Mr. Osamu Tanabe)


– Norwegian Makalu Expedition (Mr. John Gangdal)
– AG. Qomolongma Expedition (Mr. Kenji Kondo)


– AT. Amadablam Expedition (Mr. Tatsuo Suzuki)
– JAC Tokai Shisapangma Expedition (Mr. Osamu Tanabe),br> – JAC Tokai Lhotse South Face Expedition (Mr. Osamu Tanabe)


– Kyusyu Mountain Guide Service Quomolongma Expedition (Mr. Tateo Yamashita)
– AG Cho-Oyu Expedition (Mr. Kenji Kondo)
– Sasaki Cho-Oyu Expedition (Mr. Sasaki Yoshimasa)


– Miura Everest Expedition (Mr. Yuichiro Miura) (Mr. Yuichiro Miura at age of 70, became the oldest person to reach the summit of Mount Everest. This achievement is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. He also became the first person to ski on Mount Everest on May 6, 1970. He descended nearly approximately 4,200 vertical feet from the South Col (elevation over 8,000 m)


– Norwegian Manaslu Expedition (Mr. Sven Gangdal)
– Miura Cho-Oyu Expedition (Mr. Yuichiro Miura)
– KAC Qomolangma Expedition (Mr. Haru Tanabe)
– Adventure Guide Cho-Oyu Expedition (Mr. Kenji Kondo)
– China Japan Women Cho-Oyu Expedition (Ms. Reiko Iida)


– Mountain Gorila Cho- Oyu Expedition (Mr. Jun Yasumura) – JAC Tokai Cho-Oyu Expedition (Mr. Osamu Tanabe) – JAC Tokai Lhotse South Face Expedition (Mr. Osamu Tanabe)


– Hosei University Everest Expedition
– Zen Everest Expedition (Mr. Hiroshi Yashima)
Maruyama Everest Expedition (Mr. Yoshio Maruyama)
– Langshisa Ri Expedition (Mr. Akio Hayakawa)



– East Japan Manaslu Expedition (Mr. Maruyama)
– 2nd Mountain Gorilla Cho-Oyu Expedition (Mr. Jun Yasumura)
– Norwegian Cho-Oyu and Shisapangma Expedition (Mr.John Gangdal)


– Showa Alpine Club Everest Expedition (Mr. Saoshi Suzuki)
– Japan China Scientific Research Expedition (Ms.Kawana Tadashi)
– JAC-FUK Japanese Namunani Expedition (Mr. Ota) 2


– Environmental Research K2 (Pakistan) Expedition (Mr.Osamu Tanabe)
– American Cho-oyu Expedition (Mr. Robert Peirce)
– Suzuka Alpine Club Manaslu Expedition (Mr. Suzuka Ota)
– Mountain Gorilla Shisapangma Expedition (Mr. Jun Yasumura)


– Norwegian International Expedition (Mr. John Jangdal)
– Fukuoka Japan Everest Expedition (Mr. Kazumi Ura)
– Asia University Cho-Oyu Expedition (Mr. Kato Hiroshi)
– The academic Alpine Club of Kyoto Japan China Joint Friendship Expedition to Meyli-Xue-San (Ms. Kei Taniguchi )
– Dokkyo University Pumori Expedition (Mr. Hirooka Harima )


– Norwegian Everest Expedition (Mr. John Ganagdal)
– Nihon University Japan Cho-Oyu Expedition (Mr.Satoshi Ota)


– Nihon University Japan Everest (North-East) Expedition (Mr.Satoshi Ota)
– Hosei Japan Cho-oyu Expedition 1995 (Mr. Hiroshi Takebe)



Mr. Muira’s visit to Nepal to ski from Everest South Pole when Mr. Ram was part of Himalayan journeys


Japanese Emperor His Highness visited Nepal anchored by Ram Gartaula

Bespoke Trips to the Himalayas

We pay special attention to your requirements and craft personalized getaways which showcases unique cultural, adventure and natural experiences of Nepal. We craft bespoke journeys for your expeditions & treks and also ensure you can experience the best that Nepal has to offer even for your shorter trips.

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