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 Climbing Manaslu: Top 5 Reasons to Do it

04 July 2023

Standing at 8,163m, Mount Manaslu is the introductory peak to the fourteen 8,000m mountains across the world, making it a relatively achievable climb. Hence, climbing Manaslu comes highly recommended for climbers who are aiming to step into high-altitude mountaineering after their 6,000m or 7,000m summits. Although considered “easy”, this gorgeous mountain has its fair share of technical sections that make it an utmost rewarding climb when it is all done. At Rolwaling Trek, we have led enough Manaslu expeditions to understand who should climb Manaslu and why. Below is a breakdown of all we know about climbing Mount Manaslu.

5 Reasons to Climb Manaslu

If you are determined to climb Manaslu, you already have your reasons. Just in case you still need a bit of a nudging, below are our top 5 reasons to take on this beautiful peak.
  • It is an easy climb: Among the fourteen 8,000m peaks around the world, this is the shortest in altitude and thus considered a relatively easier climb. Sherpas recommend attempting a summit to Manaslu before trying a higher peak or Mt. Everest itself. But regardless of your future plans or your past experience in mountaineering, if you are considering climbing a peak, we recommend this to be the one. With suitable training, and our Sherpas and guides to lead you along the way, climbing Manaslu need not be a daunting task.
  • It is a solid climb on its own: Just because it is easy, doesn’t mean it isn’t rewarding. The mountain features climbs of up to 50 degrees, vertical snow walls, deep crevasses, rocky paths, and most importantly thin air. If you have never used jumar, crampons or oxygen in your previous climbs, Mount Manaslu will give you the opportunity. And if you are a seasoned climber, Manaslu climb will give you enough adrenaline rush, but it will also humble you.
  • It has an untouched trekking trail: The trekking trail to Manaslu Base Camp is not only one of the most scenic Himalayan trails, but it is also lesser known and less explored. Breathtaking scenery, intimate exchanges with the locals, fewer crowds, and convenient teahouses make the trek to Manaslu Base Camp so fulfilling. Start the journey along the Budhi Gandaki river, traveling uphill through sub-tropical jungles, Himalayan foothills while experiencing local culture and customs.
  • Because it is there: We are taking a leaf out of George Mallory’s great journey here. Why climb Manaslu? Simply, because it’s there. Imagine the views from one of the highest mountains: a sea of cloud below you, the snowy Himalayan range peaking all around, the golden rays of the sun creating an epic visual. Think of what you’d experience: peace, silence, and “on-top-of-the-world”! All this can only be experienced from either the summit of Mount Manaslu or the other thirteen 8,000m peaks. So, again, you should be climbing Manaslu because it is there, and because it can give you so much.
  • Because you probably can: Why shudder at the thought of climbing mountains when you can celebrate summiting it? Yes you! You can climb Mount Manaslu. As long as you have the mindset, the will to push your limits and improve yourself, you can climb Manaslu even if you have not climbed any mountain in your life. When Udaya, the CEO of Rolwaling Trek, climbed Ama Dablam for his first summit, all he had was conviction and his training. He chased the dawn during the golden hour for 2 years to eventually be capable of climbing a mountain. He is now planning to climb Mount Manaslu. If he can do it, you can do it too.

Best Season to Climb Mount Manaslu

The ideal time to climb Mount Manaslu is post monsoon, during September and October. These months are considered the most favorable due to stable weather, clear skies, low precipitation, and mild temperatures.

How Long Does it Take to Climb Manaslu

The summit to Manaslu takes anywhere from 25 to 35 days, depending on whether you choose to trek to the base camp or take a helicopter ride. Check out our itinerary for the Manaslu Expedition .

Picking the Right Manaslu Climbing Route

Since the first Manaslu summit via the North Side in 1956, done by Japanese climber Toshio Imanishi and local sherpa Gyalzen Norbu, climbers have explored and set many routes to the summit. Some of the most popular are the Northeast Face, the Northwest Spur, the Southwest Face, the West Couloir/South Ridge, and the West Wall. Amongst them, the most commonly chosen route for summits today is via the Northeast Face.

Acclimatization on a Manaslu Climb:

Altitude sickness is real and can happen to anyone. One of the best ways to prevent altitude sickness is through acclimatization. On Manaslu climbs, there are plenty of days dedicated to acclimatization. Besides rest days at camps to get your body used to the lower oxygen levels in the air, there are also active acclimatization days where you ascend to a higher base camp and descend the same day, and training days—everything to prepare you for the unusual environs of the mountain.

Cost for a Manaslu Climb

One has to consider the astronomical amount of time and effort that goes into planning and executing a Manaslu climb, before discussing the costs involved. A safe Manaslu expedition requires the best gears. There is a heavy cost of the behind-the-scenes efforts for smooth logistics. There are wages for guides, sherpas, and porters that need to be taken into account—and we are not stingy when it comes to that! Then there are the permits and insurances. Hence, a rewarding Manaslu expedition is not going to be cheap.

Get Started

If you have gotten this far then you are clearly interested in climbing Manaslu. Start by making an inquiry. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about the climb. Once you’ve made a sound decision, you can either join one of our group expeditions or plan a more personalized experience.
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