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35 Days Manaslu Expedition Itinerary for 2024


Manaslu Peak  Overview

Mt. Manaslu, the eighth-highest mountain in the world, is situated in the ridges of the Mansiri Himal in the Gorkha District of Nepal. It is set at a height of 8,163m (26,781 ft) above sea level. Mt. Manaslu, known as the “mountain of the spirit” in Tibet, is actually Mt. Kutung. It is located 64 kilometers (km) east of Mount Annapurna.

Mt. Manaslu dominates the Mansiri-Himal subrange of the Himalayas and is distinguished by its sharp, attractive peak. The world’s eighth-highest mountain, first summited by a Japanese team in 1956, has a long history with Japanese climbers, but among Europeans, it remains one of the lesser-known summits.

Manaslu Expedition Trip Details


Manaslu Region

Max. Altitude



35 Days


Technical and Challenging




Lodges/Teahouses/ Tent

 The journey begins with 1.5 hours direct heli flight from Kathmandu to Samagaun where you will be spending 3 nights for acclimatization. After few days of traveling uphill through thick woods, we finally arrive at the Manaslu Base Camp.

The Manaslu expedition 2024 provides you with the eagerly anticipated spectacular adventure experience. If you are a first-time climber over 8000m, Mount Manaslu Expedition is the best option because it serves as the preparatory training for the Everest region Expedition as well. This is one of the many reason why you should climb Manaslu

Trip Highlights

  • Manaslu Peak is a great option for climbers seeking to summit their first 8,000m mountain as it is not as technically challenging as other peaks of a similar height
  • Summiting Manaslu could be an excellent training ground for climbers seeking to move onto more intimidating peaks like Kachenjunga or Mount Everest
  • Starting and ending the Manaslu expedition via helicopter ride, taking guests straight to the most exciting parts of the mountain and saving time (summiting Manaslu usually takes about 7 weeks)
  • Considering the records of past ascents, the success rate of summiting Mount Manaslu is high.
  • Due to the Manaslu Conservation Area being less accessible and requiring special permits, the route is much quieter than other mountains in Nepal
  • Witnessing the unique culture and lifestyle of nomadic herders in the higher regions

Manaslu Expedition Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to the Hotel

When you arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport, one of our team members will meet you there. After completion of all official procedures we will bring you to the hotel where you may rest and relax for the day.

Day 2 : Official Procedures, Preparation, And Briefing At The Tourism Department in Kathmandu

The second day is set aside for formal tasks, such as obtaining necessary papers and approvals, as well as conducting a briefing regarding the upcoming journey. You may also go shopping for some essential products that you will require on the adventure. Pack your belongings carefully because we’ll be leaving early the next morning.

Day 3 : Heli Flight to Samagaun

We take an early morning Heli flight from Kathmandu to Samagaun. The flight is about 1.5 hours long.

Day 4 : Acclimatization at Samagaun

We will be staying at Samagaun as a part of acclimatization.

Day 5 : Samagaun to Manaslu Base Camp

After acclimatizing in Sama Gaun, we walk to the Manaslu Base Camp, the world’s eighth highest peak. The Manaslu Base Camp, located at 4700 meters above sea level, provides an accessible rest stop for mountaineers preparing for the summit.

Day 6 : Acclimatization and exploration at exploration of Manaslu Base Camp

After a long trek we will acclimatize at the Manaslu Base camp to adapt with the elevation. You can explore the base camp area also.

Day 7 – Day 8 : Training Period at the Manaslu Base Camp

We will train all the climbers with rope skills, crampons skills, skills for walking on rocks and ice with the help of fixed ropes and acclimatization.

Day 9 : Prayers Day

We will worship the Mountain God for good luck and pray for a safe expedition.

Day 10 – 30 : Climbing Period (Basecamp – Summit – Basecamp)

The journey to the summit will begin after the training is over and the weather is ideal. Our expedition crew will wake you up at midnight so that we can reach the summit early in the morning and observe the spectacular sunrise from the summit of Manaslu.Starting early will also give us enough time to return to the lower camps safely, since we will be escaping the afternoon breeze.

Day 31 : Cleaning Up Basecamp and prepare to return

After a successful summit push we will return back to base camp. We then pick up all the waste as responsible tourists and prepare to return back to Samagaun.

Day 32 : Trek back to Samagaun from Manaslu Base Camp

We will retrace our journey back to Samagaun, where we will sleep for the night, full of joy, bodily pain, and victory.

Day 33 : Check out from Samagaun and Heli Flight to Kathmandu

After the tiring yet wonderful journey we will take a Heli flight back to Kathmandu embracing all the memories we created during the trip.

Day 34: Free Day in Kathmandu

After reaching Kathmandu you will have a free day in Kathmandu. You can roam around the heritages in the valley and go shopping to buy souvenirs and other things you want.

Day 35 : Return to Home Country

We will bid you farewell at the Tribhuvan International Airport and you will return to your home country.

Best Season for Manaslu Expedition

The best season for Manaslu expedition is Autumn. It is the time of year when you may enjoy the area’s most breathtaking scenery. The lower valley is still lush, and you can view many of the mountain’s secrets. In addition, September is the finest month to enjoy the Manaslu Circuit Trail.

Rolwaling Trek is planning for Manaslu Expedition in September 2024. You can contact us and book your itinerary.

Climbing Highlights

  • Experience the comfort of a personalized tent, ensuring your exclusive private space throughout the expedition.

  • Savor daily freshly prepared meals crafted by our team, providing you with nourishment throughout the expedition.

  • Rest assured as our dedicated team prioritizes safety above all, ensuring your well-being throughout the expedition.

  • Experience seamless preparation with our team furnishing all essential climbing gear, excluding personal items, for a hassle-free journey.

  • Benefit from expert guidance and practical experience in preparation for the summit push, courtesy of on-site climbing orientation delivered by our highly skilled team.

Our Travel Expert

Udaya Gartaula


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to climb Manaslu?

The best season to climb Manaslu is in the spring or autumn, while it is possible to climb the mountain in the winter.You can go on an acclimatization tour in the ABC region for a better opportunity of seeing the peak in all its glory. This is an excellent approach to prepare for the Manaslu expedition.

How long does it take to complete the Manaslu Expedition?

The Manaslu Expedition takes about 30 days. 

Is Manaslu easy to climb?

Manaslu is one of the “easier” 8000-meter summits, yet all of them are very difficult. A Manaslu expedition requires climbers to be in top physical condition and mentally prepared for a multi-week journey. Manaslu is frequently chosen as a climber’s first 8000-meter summit.

What is the fitness requirement for Manaslu Expedition?

Exceptionally high degree of overall fitness and the capacity to endure and resist at the highest altitude. Extreme strength and fitness levels are needed, as well as the ability to endure harsh weather conditions for extended periods of time.

What specific gear is needed for the Manaslu expedition?

The gear needed for Manaslu expedition are: climbing shoes up to 8000m (Olympus Mons Cube), Down suit (Rab Expedition 8000 Down Suit) , crampons, carabiners,neck gaiters, sun hat & gloves

What kind of insurance is required for the Manaslu Expedition?

You will need the insurance covering high altitude rescue during Ama Dablam expedition.

Cancellations & Refunds

At Rolwaling Trek, we just want our clients to have the best possible experiences. That’s why we don’t withhold deposits or have a fixed cancellation policy. We understand that sometimes life puts you in unexpected situations, so if you have to cancel or postpone a trip, there’s no need to worry.

If you need to change plans, please get in touch with us as soon as you can, and we will make the necessary arrangements to amend or cancel your trip. You can contact us at: +977 – 9801026642.


  • Trekking routes can be customised to suit your personal interests, abilities and time constraints.
  • If an area does not have good quality accommodation options, we can provide very comfortable camping-style accommodation for the duration of your journey.
  • Rolwaling also has a team of cooks who specialise in making Japanese cuisine, using authentic ingredients from Japan.
  • A lot of the fresh produce used in our dishes is sourced locally from growers in the trekking region.

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