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Follow in the footsteps of our company founder to the top of the Rolwaling region’s Likhu Chuli Peak II


Trip Overview

Hailed as one of the seven hidden valleys of the Himalayas, Rolwaling Valley is tucked away in the east-central part of this great mountain range. The valley runs from east to west, lying below Gauri Shanker peak (7,145m) south of the Nepalese border.
The name of the valley means ‘carved by a plough’ – inspired by the landscape’s shape, which appears to be carved out of the steep cliffs that surround it.
While this region is more isolated than other trekking and climbing routes, and thus has more humble facilities, mountaineers who come here are rewarded with some of the most stunning vistas in Nepal. The routes here offer intrepid explorers many challenging but breath-taking routes, as well as close encounters with local Sherpa and Tamang villagers whose lives remain fairly untouched by the outside world.
A major feature of the region is the Cho Rolpa lake (4,580m), which continues to grow in size each year due to melting glaciers. Rolwaling Trek actually led one of the first teams of Japanese researchers to the lake to investigate how local communities would be impacted if the lake were to overflow. In fact, this climbing route was first pioneered by none other than Rolwaling Trek’s founder.

Trip Highlights

  • Being in the Rolwaling region will transport you into a peaceful, idyllic place since this area is rarely taken by trekkers due to its relative inaccessibility
  • Experiencing the warmth and hospitality of the local Sherpa and Tamang communities
  • Seeing the traditional way of life of these mountain peoples, which is hardly influenced by outside cultures
  • Basking in the tranquility found at Cho Rolpa lake (4,580m), which is one of Nepal’s largest glacial lakes
  • Save the 5 days usually needed to enter the valley on foot, thanks to Rolwaling Trek’s helicopter drop-off service

Daily Itinerary

Day 1 & 2. Fly Kathmandu → Beding – 1 & half hour

By helicopter. Spend 2 nights for acclimatization.

Day 3. Trek Beding → Cho Rolpa glacial lake

Cho Rolpa glacial lake – 3 hours

Day 4 & 5. Cho Rolpa to Basecamp – 4 hours

1 night stay

Day 6. Base Camp – Camp 1 – 4 hours

1 night stay

Day 7. Camp 1 – Summit – 9 hours

1 night stay

Day 8. Base Camp

1 night stay

Day 9. Back to Beding from Base Camp – 5 hours

1 night stay

Day 10. Back to Kathmandu

By helicopter

**NOTE: We have more expertise on this route so despite the difficulty we can easily guide you through this North Route.
** Founder wanted to explore this route and Likuchuli peak. However, this peak was not open for exploration at that time.

Our Travel Expert

Udaya Gartaula


Cancellations & Refunds

At Rolwaling Trek, we just want our clients to have the best possible experiences. That’s why we don’t withhold deposits or have a fixed cancellation policy. We understand that sometimes life puts you in unexpected situations, so if you have to cancel or postpone a trip, there’s no need to worry.

If you need to change plans, please get in touch with us as soon as you can, and we will make the necessary arrangements to amend or cancel your trip. You can contact us at: +977 – 9801026642.


  • Trekking routes can be customised to suit your personal interests, abilities and time constraints.
  • If an area does not have good quality accommodation options, we can provide very comfortable camping-style accommodation for the duration of your journey.
  • Rolwaling also has a team of cooks who specialise in making Japanese cuisine, using authentic ingredients from Japan.
  • A lot of the fresh produce used in our dishes is sourced locally from growers in the trekking region.

Contact our Travel Expert

We pay special attention to your requirements and craft personalized getaways which showcases unique cultural, adventure and natural experiences of Nepal. We craft bespoke journeys for your expeditions & treks and also ensure you can experience the best that Nepal has to offer even for your shorter trips.

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